Dyed in Vermont

Tie-dye Bazaar

Bargain Basement

New Rules

These rules let me to mark these items at the lowest price I can stand.

1. One Free Shirt per Person.
2. There will be no additional discount on these items--
     I've changed this and you'll the regular discount taken off.
3. No returns on pieces which are $5.99 or lower.
4. No size exchanges.

(NOTE; The cost of a Tie-dye T-shirt plus dye is now close to $3.00 or more before any labor is added so items priced at $2.99 are essentially free. Long Sleeves add a few more dollars to the cost.)

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ITEM0753 Rainbow Spiral Baby Doll T, Size XS, $7.99
ITEM0772 Teal Spiral Baby Doll T, Size XS, $7.99
ITEM5364 Rainbow Spiral Bathing Suit,Adult, Size Medium, $9.99
ITEM5841 Raspberry-Turquoise Star Long Sleeve T, Size Medium, $29.99
ITEM5778 Earth Star T-shirt, Size 2X, $15.99
ITEM5565 Earth Star T-shirt, Size Small, $11.99
ITEM4634 Rainbow Peace Sign Youth Long Sleeve, Size X-small, $11.99