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Hi, welcome to the site
Hello, and welcome to my tie-dye site.

There are big changes taking place on the site right now. I'm getting older-- I'll be 73 in March, and have to go slower than I used to. There is one big project that I want to finish—the “How-to Tie-dye” books. So I've taken out a lot of the options for custom ordering from the right sidebar, and I'm increasing the items available in the Tie-dye Bazaar (left sidebar). It's more efficient to dye groups of pieces than to dye them one at a time as they're ordered.

Custom orders—I'm discouraging custom orders in general, but will take some.
    1. If they have enough lead time that I can work them into my production schedule.
    2. If they are not custom colors.
    3. If I agree to do them.
    You can email me--tie-dyes@tie-dyes.com

Returns and Exchanges: I cannot guaranty size exchanges for items in the Tie-dye Bazaar, because many of them are one-of-a-kind items. But I will always take returns and refund what was paid for them, so when I can't make a size exchange I will refund the purchase and you can get something else in your size.

Color brightness and permanence—I don't think that anyone has brighter or more permanent colors. I've been making these for 36 years. I use strong dye solutions and heat the shirts to get the most permanent colors possible.

I cannot keep everything stocked in the Bazaar. If I stocked 5 color combinations for 7 patterns in 6 sizes that would be 210 for each garment. So if you see something in the Bazaar that you like you should order it right away while it's there.

But don't just believe me. Here are a couple of our many testimonials.

Hope Brayton recently wrote:

They are GORGEOUS!!! I just love the two tee shirts and shoelaces you made for me (well, they are actually a gift). They are simply spectacular. Art. I can't wait to give them but I wanted to thank you.

When I get some more money I'll buy more - they're so wonderful.- Hope

Back in 2003 Rose Foley Wrote:

Hi ya Richard!... the tie-dye shirts are fantastic! my nieces and nephews love them - in fact, Ryan wanted to wear his to bed!! Also you should know, that I read some of those letters before I bought one of your shirts and they convinced me to buy one. I have 12 nieces and nephews and friends in Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland, and almost all of them have one of your shirts - and everyone has commented how beautiful they are! Kind regards,
Rose Foley(rosefoley@earthlink.net)

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